Digital Printing Means High-Quality Customized Prints at Affordable Prices

Digital printing has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Whereas in the past digital print was perhaps considered a lesser quality print, digital print technology has now advanced to a level of what experts argue to be an overall more efficient and superior method of printing.

Although there are benefits in all types of printing, digital printing certainly comes with some benefits that you will not receive in other choice formats. In our experience, customers have saved big bucks by choosing to go digital for their books and marketing campaigns. Here’s how.

  1. Customization and Variable Data Printing – studies show that shoppers, especially Millennial shoppers, respond more precisely to targeted marketing campaigns. Digital printing allows for affordable and speedy variable data printing increasing your ROI while at the same time decreasing your initial cost.
  2. On Demand – For the same reason we are able to save our customers money on short run Variable Data projects. In other words, we are able to run on-demand jobs for less money and faster turnaround times. If you are in need for last minute marketing campaigns or if you had a recent and sudden increase in publisher demands, digital printing technology allows for on-demand print at affordable prices. Back in the day, you either warehoused it or paid a small fortune for a reprinting. That’s the way it worked. Today digital print has allowed for print on-demand, even when customization is involved.
  3. Reduces Need for Warehousing – As mentioned earlier, back in the day customers would have to pay a pretty penny to store extra prints in a warehouse. With digital technology, the need for storage is obsolete. Saving money isn’t the only benefit of not warehousing prints. Overall, there is less commute, less handling, less wear and tear, and less waste and overhead charges for unused collateral.

When it comes to digital printing, the options are endless. The technology allows for experimentation of different substrates and, best of all, it fulfills the need for high-quality small-runs at affordable prices. After all, high quality and economical is every marketer’s dream.



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