How Are You Marketing to Millennials Through Print?

Now more than ever in the world of digital marketing, it’s important to integrate direct mail and print marketing techniques in your marketing strategy. This is especially true today. Consumers are plagued by internet advertising. Both the traditional and digital marketing campaigns bring new opportunities and challenges for marketers. Direct mail marketing is one technique that possesses the ability to break through the digital noise and target an audience, which is something Millennials crave the most.

When it comes to Millennial marketing, direct mail does not involve simply hiring a direct mail provider and designing an engaging mail piece, although those elements are also important to your campaign. Millennials are unique. They’re smart and their brains have effectively compartmentalized marketing because with the rise of the digital, they are subjected to so much of it.

For this reason, a diligent plan and efforts to segment and target market them as individuals will help ensure that your company’s marketing efforts bring a considerable return on investment.

Millennials cover a major percentage of the buying market today. This fresh generation is three times larger than Generation X and larger than the Baby Boomer generation. As Baby Boomers retire and Millennials assume decision making positions and workplace leadership roles, it is important to understand the future generation and what the best ways to communicate with them. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

  • Engage them with a tactile experience

Over the past few years Millennials have revealed their desire to engage via the sense of touch. Creating tactile print marketing is a unique way to reach out to this younger generation that has been overrun grossly by the digital realm.

  • Unite the digital and physical realms

Millennials live in two planes of existence and as a result it is important to use both worlds to target their psyches. Augmented Reality is rising in popularity among Millennials and can be incorporated in many unique ways to market to Millennials.

  • Target the individual with research

There is nothing Millennials hate more than being targeted based upon an entire segment. For example, not all Millennial women are getting ready to have children. A better strategy is to study individual buying behaviors. This can be done by purchasing mail-lists or referring to co-op databases.

There are many ways to market to Millennials, but this is a good start! Remember to keep it up to date and keep it real. Happy Printing!


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