3 Ways Print Is Helping Nonprofits Succeed

Making the choice to incorporate print into the marketing strategy of your nonprofit organization can be extremely effective to your cause. Direct mail is one example of how nonprofits are reaching their supporters through print. For example, according to an article published on the Direct Marketing News website. “91% of nonprofits use direct mail” for their causes (read more). Here are a few more ways that print can help nonprofits become successful.

Create a periodical or publication

We put this one as the number one way that print can help your organization because it really can be a power-tool for your nonprofit. There are more catalogs and mag-a-logs out there for nonprofits than you could count in a single day. From Veteran funds to Cancer research, to heart disease, if you name it, we can find a catalog for it. There’s a good reason for this: it works! If you have product to sell to raise money for your organization, a catalog or mag-a-log is probably a platform you should look into. A newsletter or magazine is a perfect space to educate, share stories, and direct people where to go to donate to your fund.

According to a recent study put out by the USPS, “Mail is placed where it’s seen and used and …it moves from room to room, allowing consumers to read it at their convenience” (click here for the study). By sending out your publication multiple times a year (especially to those who have contributed past donations), you are essentially staying in front of your prospect in an engaging, non-aggressive, interesting, and (as the study reveals) a desirable manner.

Reach your supporters in a more personable fashion with variable data printing

You’ve heard it many times before: personalize personalize and personalize some more. We live in a socially driven society where people spend most of their time surfing targeted ads on Facebook that they don’t even realize are ads. In order to compete with this, it’s important to buckle up and go along for the ride.

With today’s advanced print technology, personalizing your print campaign is easy and affordable. More important, it’s effective. In fact, “70% of Americans believe that postal mail is more personal than digital communications” (read the article from Direct Mail News).  This is not to downplay the power of social media by any means. That would be ridiculous. In fact, studies have revealed that the most effective reach is when social media and print work together on the same campaign.

Create a brochure or booklet

This is different than a publication. This is a one-time print that gives your donors or potential donors an inside look at our organization. This gives you the opportunity to educate others about your cause. This example is a great low-budget print solution that can be used for direct mail campaigns, events, or simply direct face to face Marketing. The power of the good old fashion brochure.

These are but a few ways that print is helping nonprofits be more successful. There are many scenarios, such as refining your direct mail list (which we talk about in the three part series here) that can assist your efforts in becoming more profitable.

As a print service provider, Documation cares about the community and we work with multiple non-profits on their print materials. For more information, send us an email to info@documation.com. Stay tuned for next month. We’ll be sharing about some of Documation’s more meaningful involvement with the community.



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