How Will the New Presidency Affect Printing and Publishing?

We are about to enter into a new year and you know what that means? It’s time for re-evaluating your business. 2017 is a big year. For one, we have a long controversial election in our rear view. For another, a new president is about to take office. Many businesses, printers and publishers included, are asking the same question: how will Trump’s presidency affect the industry?

Many of us are still stunned after one of the toughest elections in US history. The entire world was watching this one and it seems that the entire world has one thing or another to say about the electoral results.

There is large divide between Trump supporters and those who are convinced Trump is out to do harm. People forget that in the end, whether or not we voted for our newest president, we’re all on the same side

On the trails of the election last month, Printing Impressions shared an interesting article about how the election results would affect the Graphic Arts Industry. In the article editor Mark Michelson interviews Michael Makin of Printing Industries of America. Makin states, “The immediate response is that our country now needs to come together. It’s important that everyone gets behind our government” (read more).

That said, many people in the publishing industry have concerns regarding the swearing in of our 45th president in January. Publishers especially have shown a concern for what’s to come. Perhaps publishing should have the least amount of worries as there always seems to be a need for literature, especially during tough times.

How the printing industry will be affected depends upon what happens with the economy. After all, printing really is an extension of the economy. When the economy is in full bloom, so too are the printers.

People have been making arguments from both ends of the spectrum.  Whereas some people feel the economy will get better, others think it’s doomed to fail. Many factors must be considered here. What’s good for one isn’t always good for all. For example, what a big retailer needs can be right out detrimental to a small business. Taxes, trade agreements, health insurance, and job security–all these things make up a larger more complex economy.

Makin summed it up well in his interview with Michelson when he said, “As so goes a strong economy, so goes a strong printing industry. [Trump and the Republican Party have] a huge task, but also a huge opportunity to drive an agenda.”

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Until then, there are a few things publishes and retailers can do to prepare for a changing economy in 2017. Next month we will explore some of these items.

Happy New Year and happy printing!


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