5 Reasons Why the Print Industry Should Recruit Veterans into the Workforce

Veterans Day is less than a week away and to honor all of the men and women who have served our country, Documation has decided to dedicate this month’s blog to the many Veterans who have honored their country.

At the beginning of September, we posted a blog about a very real problem in the print industry -the industry’s ability to appeal to Millennials and younger generations.

The same can be said again for our Veteran workforce. Veterans are often overlooked during the recruitment stage. This is unfortunate when in reality they possess many unique skills that could come in handy for any employer.

Here are 5 reasons why the print industry and beyond should be actively recruiting veterans into the workforce.

  1. Veterans are well regarded for inspiring those around them. Inspiring others with a positive outlook on life is part of their training in the military. Many of these men and women have seen the worst of the worst and as a result, they are better able to not only see the good but to cherish it as well. This uplifting quality should be welcomed into any industry workplace with open arms.
  2. Leadership is a way of life. Taking control of the reins in not so ideal situations, being quick on their toes, knowing when a strategy is required, and implementing all of the above are qualities that you are likely to find in many Veterans. Their unique experiences often give them fresh perspectives and their opinions are extremely useful as a result.
  3. They have the ability to rise above difficult and high-pressure situations. It may seem like an obvious fact, but the truth is most of us have no idea what these men and women have done for our country. The adversity that they have had to rise above to get where they are today is unfathomable to most of us. They have cultivated skills that come only from their unique experiences–skills that most of us aren’t even aware exist.
  4. Veterans are team players. They know better than anyone comradery and the necessity of relying on their team to complete a job. As a result, they can be uplifting and inspiring in team situations. That is a quality any employer would be happy to find.
  5. Honor and integrity are part of their vocabulary. This one is important. Building your team up with honorable people creates integrity for the company. Veterans are great at setting examples for other employees. They promote hard work and dedication. Dedication is a word they understand the meaning of inside and out.

More often than not veterans will do the little things it takes to get a job done. Their attitudes are refreshing. They never feel like they’re too good for a job. It all goes back to the saying: “it’s the little things that kill” or “the devil’s in the details.” We all know that sometimes it’s the little things that translate into bigger things. It’s the veteran “grit.”

As a member of the print community, ask yourself this one question- is your company doing everything in its power to expand diversity by hiring qualified veterans? For more information about Veterans in the workplace, visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served this country!

Documation LLC is a 20-year old commercial printing company with clients all over the Unites States and Canada. We specialize in large volume printing for associations, publishers, and agencies in the direct mail and one-to-one communication market as well. Our staff includes creative designers and list management experts, and our capabilities include print on demand, mailing solutions, high-speed production inkjet printing, and variable data printing.


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