The Perfect Companion for A/B Testing Your Marketing Programs

Split testing, or A/B testing, is a common tactic that marketing teams use to compare two versions of a marketing campaign to ensure they’re effectively reaching and influencing a broad audience. Commonly sending Version A of a message and design to your control Group A, and Version B with Group B.

With 82% of direct mail being read for a minute or more, while only 15 seconds on average is spent scanning online ads and emails – leveraging variable data printing (VDP) in the mailbox is the perfect way to segment your customer data and test variations of sales concepts across your entire mailing list.

Don’t just focus in on the design though. We encourage our customers to zero in on the specific offer presented and evaluate which messaging is the most impactful on their return on investment.

Start Small Then Resend What Works.

The beautiful thing about VDP printing is it opens the door to producing shorter runs of new sales concepts. Not only are you able to output your mail quickly, but when paired with tracking mechanisms (like Personalized URLs), you’re also able to compare your results to previous campaign successes to see if it’s worthwhile sending the campaign to a larger segment of your list.

Many marketing teams already segment out their lists to target specific demographics – like male/female, or teens, adults, and senior citizens. Why not test the offer you’re presenting to each of these segments?

For example, let’s say you’re a major retailer wanting to test out your messaging to see what is most effective for your audience. One thing to test is whether men respond more to a Buy One Get One offer or a 10% discount? Can the same be said for women in your audience?

Maybe you have a segment whose sales are down. Craft the messaging of the communications you send them with an enticing and relevant offer that will get them through your doors (or on to your website).

Don’t Have Data? No Problem.

VDP projects are perfect for testing any sales messaging – no matter the level of data you currently have. They actually serve as a fantastic place to start gathering more information on your audience to help you create a true dialogue with them.

Variable data printing is an incredibly valuable marketing tool and our core business is built around helping marketers deploy smarter marketing campaigns with the assistance of A/B split testing.

Stop hoping that your strategy of pushing out blanketed messages to your audience is going to help you grow. Focus on getting the right message to the right person, and your audience will transform to brand advocates before your eyes.

Use VDP and A/B split testing to target the right audience and identify the messages that are most relevant to them. Contact us to learn more about how VDP can transform your business – we’re here to help.

Documation LLC is a 20-year old commercial printing company with clients all over the Unites States and Canada. We specialize in large volume printing for associations, publishers, and agencies in the direct mail and one-to-one communication market as well. Our staff includes creative designers and list management experts, and our capabilities include print on demand, mailing solutions, high-speed production inkjet printing, and variable data printing.



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